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AXLE+B: Chrysalis Edition

August 20, 2014—>November 4, 2017

Battle fire-breathing guardians and bats with arrows, bombs, potions and cataclysmic spells as you uncover this epic tale.

Discover the worlds of Xanthia and Lands of Lore, as you reveal the secrets of the Oracle.

Horde gold, gems and jewels as you make or break the legend of you.

Enjoy 180 action-packed levels of play.

Play and replay:

Take many unique paths to vanquish the obsidian. Easy to use editor with 20
environmental effects and more then 130 bricks to choose from. Fill your
treasure room as your search for the star of Xanthia and help save the
universe from oblivion. Learn to master the powers of transmutation and
focus your shields into a devastating energy weapon. Journey through two
unique and intriguing worlds.